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You never know when your true love comes. Sometimes, you don't know that you left it. I found out that after... how many years now?... after 5 years and few months now. It's sad. I thought there is a better one for me. Who loves me. Who loves me as I want... I thought about to be loved, and did't think about loving... and about what really makes you be happy.
Sometimes you are so scared to make a mistake in your life that you continue doing them! It's absurd. How to stop?
I locked my feelings in a jar of steel deep into my heart. But I know they are still burning there inside... I don't think they will ever die.
I am very sad about how less time I have :sniff:
After I began working, I have some hours during the weekends for making jewelry, and that's does not satisfy me! :pissedoff: :crying:

I would like the day to be double...
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Who doesn't like offers? ,)

Sun Oct 5, 2008, 12:50 PM

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

As some of you know, I make jewels :)And I have a personal site for them(who doesn't know yet, I will remember And that I have added an option to buy directly from my website, using PayPal.
And for fun, for to enjoy, I have some goood offers for my customers :dance:

Every week you can find a 40 per - cent % discount!!! yay! :D

Once a week I choose a jewel and I give it a discout ( who would not like to get that possibility to buy with almost half of the price, that's so fun, yeah?)

Ech, and in this way I have just "lost" my beautiful "Aroma di Lavanda" bracelet... :cry:
I hope my customer will be happy with it ;)

So, till the end of 5 October I give a discount for "NoMeOlvides" pendant and earrings set, if you are interested, please come and take it! :heart:

Wish you good and happy evening/day/night (somewhere)
Yours Asta

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Where you can find me ... :)

Mon Aug 4, 2008, 2:01 AM
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  • Reading: Still Sweeney Todd:the demon barber of Fleet str.
  • Watching: My new earrings! :D
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My new Etsy shop!!! :love:

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So, I make jewels. It's my hobby, big passion. I have discovered it some months ago, and from that time I can't spend a day without making something new. For now I'm just searching my way to work on them, which techinque for me is more suitable, what I like more, shapes, materials, and so on. Later I think to make some courses on making jewels, to get more skils and to know more secrets.
If you are here now, take a look at them, tell me your opinion, I will be very pleased to know it! :blowkiss:  

Hugs, :hug:
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Thank you for all your attention, comments, nice words, that i get for my jewels and not only ;)

If someone is interested in my creations, here are some links, where it is possible to buy my jewels:

my personal site:

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Thank you for notice!
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Dabar stoviu laiptinėje. Siena ištepliota rašalu. Kažkas parašė viršuje: "MEILĖ-tai, ko ieškai ir nerandi...". Žemiau smulkia rašysena kažkas parašė : "MEILĖS nėra, yra tik jos laukimas..." Įdomi mintis. Bet yra įdomesnė žemiau: " MEILĖ yra, jos tik reikia sulaukti, o jau po to..." dar žemiau kažkas viską pabraukė ir drebančia ranka parašė: " Kas po to...? Išsiskyrimas ir nepakeliamas laukimo skausmas...". Kažkas paprieštaravo: "ne, tikra MEILĖ pakelia viską..."